Asus TV500BG Review

Asus TV500BG Review – Hello guys, this time i want to give you one post about Review Asus TV500Bg. Asus TV500bg is Gamepad product from asus that can use for Android Lollipop or Windows Operating System. But you can using this device too for accurate control in Android TV and PC Games.

How the people say about Asus tv500bg? Read this comment from some people review about this product:

“Asus uses a game controller layout that all gamers are used to. The gamepad is light and comfortable in the hands. Setup is extremely easy. Only downside is that it is not rechargeable.”

“Very easy to connect and has a good feel. Feels better build than I had originally thought. The packaging had a nice premium feel to it. The buttons feel okay. The directional pad feels mushy and the triggers feel like they have too much travel. I’m sure I”

Asus TV500BG Review

Asus TV500bg Review (sc) amazon

Asus TV500bg Review (sc) amazon

“I don’t regret picking this up for my Nexus Player requirements. I’m able to play Asphalt8 with no problems now. I have only tested it out on that and PacMan256. It is light in weight and isn’t rechargeable, but you can use rechargeable AA batteries”

“The remote is okay for some games, but this makes most games much easier to play and get the most out of the games, and there’s no issues with connecting to the Nexus Player at all.”

“The Asus Gamepad is built for the Nexus Player. It’s a great controller for playing android games. Unfortunately there’s only limited number of games you could use it on the Nexus Player. Hopefully there’ll be more games in the future so that the Asus.”

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Asus TV500BG Review | Harga Asus | 4.5